Lattie Murrell

Lattie "The Wolf" Murrell (ラッティ・ミュレル)

sometimes misspelled "Lottie Murrell" or "Lottie Merle"
date and location of birth unknown
in the 1970/80s resident in Somerville, Tennessee
date and location of death unknown

って事で、ほとんど不明なブルースマンなのでありますが、素朴さと言っていいのか地で演ってるのがホンマにエエ感じなのであります。 ブルースマンというよりも、地元のおじさんが演ってるって感じですわ。

同じブルースとは言えど、シカゴ系のブルースが好きな方には不可解かもしれませんが・・・・。 (´Д`)

以前に紹介した 「Living Country Blues : An Anthology」 [ 3枚組 Box set ] に入っておりますが、その土地で日常的であり飾ることも無い演奏と歌ってのが心に響くのであります。

Lattie Murrell and girlfriend Liza Mae, Somerville, Tennessee, September 1978

"People told me that the Wolf hardly ever touches his guitar unless there's some beer and whiskey around," says Kustner. The 'Wolf' is Somerville, Tennessee's Lottie Murrell, a local favorite for several decades. "When we met the Wolf, he looked incredible in cowboy boots, Diesel Power cap, overalls, with a pint of whiskey in his back pocket and a guitar in his hand. When we finally got to a place in the country where we could record, Ziggy had to rewire the tape deck. In the meantime, these guys were sitting in the house drinking moonshine. He would just guzzle this stuff like water. When Ziggy was finally ready to record, Lottie was so drunk he could barely sit up. At one point I thought he was going to throw up all over the equipment. What was amazing about this guy was that he had a fairly limited repertoire but he would add verses about what was happening around him. He didn't talk too much and we didn't get any real information about his life or music from him - he simply doesn't give a damn. He told me he knew Joe Hill Louis and Howlin' Wolf in Memphis, but when I asked him if he had ever cut any records during the 1940s or 1950s, he replied,'"Really, I don't know, 'cos I'm too ol' to think way back there.' But he was really hot. He would play slide with a pocket knife and would beat it on the guitar for rhythm. He was like a Fred McDowell or Tommy McLennan with his raw power and energy. "Trouble Late Last Night" is credited to Lottie Murrell. ~from the liner notes to "Living Country Blues" (Evidence), an anthology of raw field recordings.