「Rosa Lee and Jessie Mae」

今年も気になったブルースなどを書いてみたいと思っております。 が!マニアック過ぎて何の事かさっぱり解からない・・というお言葉も頂きます。 しかしながら、訳の解からないブログは世の中に沢山御座いますので、そんなブログの一つやねんなぁ~と思って頂ければと考えておりますよん。 (ほんまかいな)

って事で、"シド・ヘンフィル" の娘 "ローザ・リー・ヒル" と、"シド・ヘンフィル" の孫娘 "ジェシー・メイ・ヘンフィル" が共演しております。 声も似てるけど歌い方も似てるのが面白かったりします。師匠が同じだからでしょうか?

それにしても、ALAN LOMAX 及び George Mitchell の功績には頭が下がりますわ。

Rosa Lee Hills (or Rosalie Hill) 1910-1968

Rosalie Hill was a daughter of the Mississippi Hill Country's composer, multi-instrumentalist, band leader, and musical patriarch Sid Hemphill. Sid taught Rosalie to play the guitar when she was six; by the time she was ten she was playing dances with him. The only two songs she recorded for Alan were marked by a desolate, keening intensity, although by all accounts she was a jolly woman. Her father died in 1961, after which, as blues researcher George Mitchell noted, most of the very musical Hemphills "just didn't feel like playing no more." Rosie hung up her guitar for a time, but by the time Mitchell visited in 1967 she was playing again, and recorded for him a barely less spry version of "Rolled and Tumbled." She died a year later. (Hill's first name often appears "Rosa Lee," but she signed her contract with Lomax "Rosalie.")