「Marquise Knox」

久しぶりに感動! 1991年セントルイス生まれだから今年22歳。 この動画は16歳の時だそうで、とんでもないブルースマンが現れたもんだ。 日本では知られてないのかどうか良く分らないが検索しても出て来ませんな。

去年2012年にはベスト・ブルース・アーティストに選ばれてるし、今年2枚目のアルバムも出してる凄い奴ですわ。 YouTube にも沢山UPされてますので是非ご覧くださいませ。

"It's just the beginning." ("これはほんの始まりだ")
It doesn't take long for the guitar-strumming singer to get the audience on its feet ― stomping, swaying, shouting ― or for the old-school blues master to join them, as he performs songs such as "Old Friend of Mine" and "Got My Mojo Working". What makes so much about Knox fascinating is that he's only 16. He's not even 16 going on 17. And you'd also do well not to question what a 16-year-old can possibly know about the blues. He contends there's no age or skin-color requirement for knowing about the blues. "Any time you wake up and think about your troubles, you got the blues," says Knox, who loves the freedom of expression the music gives him. He declines to publicly discuss certain aspects of his life, but he is living some very adult things. The former Berkeley High School student, who enjoys fishing, traveling and spoiling his 1981 Chevy Malibu, runs his household. He's schooled at home so he can work full time as a musician. Knox says he got his first guitar at Christmas when he was 3, but the instrument took a back seat to his Big Foot Power Wheel and Barney toys. When he used the guitar as a fly swatter, his family realized he wasn't ready yet. But over the years, he gravitated toward the guitar. He couldn't help it. He comes from a family full of musicians, including his uncle Cliff Williams and grandmother Lillie Knox. His uncle kept on him, and Knox continued perfecting his art. He cites Lightning Hopkins as the first artist to influence him, and Muddy Waters, Albert King and B.B. King as others whose styles influence his own. The one great often cited is the late Henry Townsend. Another blues legend figured into his life: Bennie Smith, who died last year. Knox found out shortly after the funeral that they were cousins, when Smith's daughter revealed the family link. Before Smith died, they had talked often and worked together. Knox took all his know-how and become a nightclub fixture in 2005. "I played late and had to get up early for school, so I got a work permit," says Knox, who never had a problem getting into clubs. His mother says Knox has always had a level of maturity, leading him to embrace manhood at a young age. Now that his live act is nailed down, Knox has shifted some attention to his debut CD, Rise Up Now. It includes songs such as the title track, rooted in gospel; Where is My Friend, about growing up and seeing those around him violently killed; and I'm a Blues Man. That last song has classic blues lyrics Knox penned: "I was raised on Jimmy Reed, my grandma's cornbread and collard greens/took my first bath in Muddy Waters/all you mothers better watch your daughters." Knox says it's just the beginning. (quoted from Marquise Knox's page at myspace.com)

Man Child Marquise Knox (2013)