Ruby McCoy

「The Sound Of The Delta」
A Mississippi Blues Anthology

Ruby McCoy - Black Mary
Elijah Brown - Won't Be Troubled Long
Big Joe Williams - Your Close Friend
Avery Brady - Goin' Home With My Baby #
Mississippi Fred McDowell - Kokomo
Bert Logan - Don't You Want To Be A Member?
Elijah Brown - Pearline
Arthur Weston - Uncle Sam Called Me (I Got To Go)
Avery Brady - Bad Weather
Big Joe Williams - Walkin' Blues #
Ruby McCoy - Rising Sun, Shine On
Arthur Weston - Early in the Morning
Big Joe Williams - Walkin' Ground Hog
Elijah Brown - Winding Ball
Avery Brady - Uncle Sam's Own Ship #
Russ Logan - Annie Mae
Mississippi Fred McDowell - Louise
Avery Brady - Let Me Drive Your Ford
Andrew Cauthen - Canary Bird

# CD bonus tracks

Blues scholar Pete Welding assembled these 19 recordings -- most solo, all acoustic, most prominently featuring guitar and vocal -- between 1963 and 1965, just as the blues revival was gathering steam. This isn't the best Delta blues compilation, as an introduction or a general sampler. If you can't get enough of the stuff, though, it certainly stands up well. Big Joe Williams and Fred McDowell are the only well-known performers, but the others -- obscure names like Arthur Weston and the delightfully raw-voiced Ruby McCoy -- are generally in the same league. It's well-recorded, and contains a reasonable variety of styles. The CD reissue adds bonus tracks by Williams and Avery Brady that were not included on the original version.