暖かくなってきましたね~。 気候が良くなるとオートバイやサイクリストが増えてまいります。 何故寒い時は乗らないのでしょうか? まぁ、そんな事はどうでも良いのでありますが、どうでも良い事などあれこれ。

Sharon Jones


ほんまに惜しい方を亡くしました。 ブログで昨年8月に癌から復活、自身を題材にしたドキュメンタリー映画 「Miss Sharon Jones!」 の事など書きましたが、その3か月後 2016年11月18日に他界してしまいました。 歌唱力は勿論、現在においてファンキーなシンガーとして最高や!思っとりましたのでほんまに残念でございます。 御冥福をお祈りいたします。

Po’ Monkey’s will rock the house again


こちらも2016年7月14日にお亡くなりになられた Mr. Po でございますが、アメリカで唯一昔のままのスタイルで営業していた Juke Joint "Po Monkey's" の現在についての記事が掲載されてました。


If you drive down a country road a mile or so west of Merigold next summer you might hear some familiar sounds above the crunch of the gravel beneath your tires.

Not large farm machinery in the distance working the Delta land.

It won’t be an illusion.

It will be Po Monkey’s Lounge, the world-famous sharecropper’s shack turned into a “juke house” and former residence of Willie Seaberry, aka, Po’ Monkey.

Seaberry died last July 14 and the place has been dark and silent ever since, said
Daniel Morris, attorney for the Seaberry family.

The family aims to open it on the first anniversary of the founder and proprietor’s demise, Morris said.

Morris said Seaberry left his estate to “quite a few heirs.”

Eula Mae Seaberry, his widow, was named administrator, Morris said

The estate was incorporated on Feb. 8 as Po’ Monkey’s Inc., according to records at the Secretary of State’s office.

“Everybody’s still interested,” Morris said.

Andrew Westerfield, who has been mayor of Merigold for 44 years, said the question is: can anyone replace Po’ Monkey himself?

“He was an extraordinary person,” Westerfield said. “It would be hard to replace Mr. Seaberry himself. He was one of a kind.”

The friendly and talkative Seaberry was known for his brightly colored suits, which he would change during the Thursday nights the house was open to the public.

“It was wonderful to have that in close proximity to Merigold,” population about 500 (otherwise known for McCarty pottery); it was good for the whole Delta and, obviously, our area, too,” Westerfield said.

Always fodder for travel articles, Po’ Monkey’s made the cover of a book by British transplant Richard Grant, whose “Dispatches from Pluto” made the New York Times Bestsellers list and has been on the Clarion-Ledger bestsellers list for two years and won the Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize.

Grant recounts that “after a big blowout night at Po’ Monkey’s, you left convinced that it was the greatest nightclub on earth.”

It has a marker as part of the Blues Trail, a key tourism attraction to Mississippi. It is in Bolivar County, not far from Cleveland, home of the Grammy Museum Mississippi, which was opened 13 months ago.

Westerfield said he got to know Seaberry in the early ’60s.

“Monkey’s kinda grew out of a cotton field. For a very long time, it was primarily for people who worked on farms.” Westerfield said that he and his friends started going there “and everyone got along great.”

“It rocked along like that, then, all of a sudden, it kind of got discovered in the late ’80s and early ’90s when the blues came into vogue so much.”



ギターメーカーの 「Fender」 ですが、ギターが弾けないのにギターを作った "レオ・フェンダー" さんの名前だったんですね~。 知りませんでした。

Jo Ann Kelly



Sunny War


ボチボチと活動してるようですね。 エエ感じの写真なので掲載。

Samantha Fish


最近名前が出る事が多くなってきた "Samantha Fish" でございます。 やはりこの手に男は弱いのでしょうなぁ。 こちらもエエ感じの写真なので掲載。

「友滝ヒコ 60歳バースデイ」 Live


2017年4月14日(金) 神辺 「HIDEAWAY」 にて

Charge/¥1500 with 1drink  Start/20:00~

何とアノ! "友滝ヒコ" が還暦を迎えるそうで、赤いちゃんちゃんこ と 赤い頭巾のコスプレでライブをするそうな・・。

って事で、関係各位御出席お願い致します。 出演自由! 飛び入りOK!

・お問い合わせ  「HIDEAWAY」
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