LAのインディーズが最近面白いらしいのですが、私には何がどうなのかはさっぱり分かりません・・・。 (かと言って、このブログを観て下さる方々の中に、LAのインディーズに興味のある方が居られるのかどうかも分かりませんが・・・)

2016年下半期のLA音楽評論家賞に、 War and Pierce の "On and On" が Best Video (lyric) に選ばれたとの事でござます。 一隠れファンとしましては、それがどのような事なのかさっぱり分からなくても、喜ばしい事なのだと思っております。 (困ったもんだ)


If we haven’t said this enough, 2016 was a banner year for indie music. Indie artists were recognized for Grammy nominations and wins, as well as crashing into the Billboard Top 40 charts. In addition, 2017 is looking like a continuation of this indie tide.

Save the date of June 21, 2017 for the first LIVE awards show celebrating the best of the LA Music Critic Awards, to be held in Los Angeles. We’ll have performances by some of your favorites as well as give out awards reflecting the best of the best. More details will be available as the event is finalized.

Back to the present, where we are so thrilled to finally be able to announce to you the winners of the second half of 2016 for the LA Music Critic Awards.

Here we go . . .

Best EP Female: Katie Costello (From the Vault), Amie Miriello (Seeya When I Seeya), Gina Sicilia (Sunset Avenue)

Best EP Male: McDougall (Reaching for Some Light), Year of Suns (Songs for Silence)

Best EP Band: Stereo Off (EP III), The Spider Accomplice (LA: The Abduction), JERK (Jerk)

Best CD Female: Camille Bloom (Pieces of Me), Lauren Adams (Somewhere Else), Sonia Rao (Meet Them at the Door), Janey Street (Janey Street), Cindy Alexander (Deep Waters), Kari Kimmel (Poppyfields)

Best CD Male: Sharif (Tangled Dreams and Empty Bottles), Bobbo Byrnes (Motel Americana), Patrick Joseph (Hindsight), Josh Farrow (Trouble Walks With Me), Michael Hornbuckle (Soul Repo)

Best CD Band: Streets of Laredo (Wild), Spiritual Rez (Setting in the West), The Congress (The Game), Spelling Reform (No One’s Ever Changed), Daddy Issues (Handle It)

Best Christmas Single: Shannon Hurley ft. Brandon Schott (“Fairytale of New York”), Cindy Alexander (“Christmas Song”), Katie Garibaldi (“Tomorrow is Christmas Morning”), Frank Shiner (“Please Come Home for Christmas”), Kaylee Keller (“Christmas in Your Arms”)

Best Video (Holiday): Katie Garibaldi (“Tomorrow is Christmas Morning”), Redhead Express (“Away in a Manger”), Frank Shiner (“Please Come Home for Christmas”)

Best Video (cover): No Small Children (“Ghostbusters”), Redhead Express (“Chocolate on my Tongue”), Redhead Express (“Clean”)

Best Video (live): Patrick Joseph (“Piece of Your Love”), India Carney (“You”), Mitch Hayes (“All Fall Down”), The Congress (“Oh Babe”)

Best Video (lyric): Jess Penner (“Together”), War and Pierce (“On and On”), Mikey Wax (“Helium”)

Best Video (official) Female: Lucy Woodward (“Live Live Live”), Alexis Keegan (“Empty Heart”), Camille Bloom (“Pieces of Me”), Caitlin Eadie (“Don’t Want to Be”), Alyssa Jacey (“I Want it to Rain”), Shannon Hurley (“Heartbeat on the Radio”), Katie Garibaldi (“Delightful”)

Best Video (official) Male: Jon Mullane (“Born Beautiful”), Dan Franklin (“Live to Dream Again”), Brian Travis (“Shipwreck”)

Best Video (official) Band: The Spider Accomplice (“You Still Lie”), The Show Ponies (“The Time it Takes”), Spiritual Rez ft. Hirie (“Together Always”), The Congress (“Home Again”), Roots of Creation (“Struggle”), Sleep Machine (“Animal High”)

Best Video (Collaboration): Earwig and Lydia Loveless (“Wasted on You”)

Best Rock Band: The Spider Accomplice, Daddy Issues, Pollen Rx, Sleep Machine

Best Pop Band: Lovers and Poets, Foxtraxx, The Congress, Ray and Remora, No Nets

Best Country/Americana Band: Elouise Deep Water, The Show Ponies, Riddle and the Stars, Honey County

Best Reggae Band: Roots of Creation, Spiritual Rez

Best Pop/Rock Male Artist: Patrick Joseph, Year of Suns, McDougall, Mikey Wax

Best Pop/Rock Female Artist: Jess Penner, Katie Costello, Cindy Alexander, Janey Street, Camille Bloom

Best Blues Artist: Peach & the Almost Blues Band, The King Brothers, Papermoon Gypsys, Michael Hornbuckle

Best Country/Americana Artist: Alice Wallace, Lauren Adams, Brian Travis, Katie Garibaldi, Mitch Hayes

Best Jazz Artist: Lucy Woodward, Nancy Sanchez

Rising Star: Juliana Wilson, Meresha, Kaylee Keller, Rachel Brett

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「War & Pierce」 公式HP


Sunny Warさんの連絡先は知っていますが、日本に誘いたいと思います。簡単なツアーの段取りはどうすればいいでしょうか。