War & Pierce - I Lived To Tell About It

Chris Pierce とのコラボは良い感じで続いてますね。 一人で弾き語ってる Sunny War を始めて聴いた時は衝撃的でしたが、Chris Pierce と組んだ事で洗練されてきたかな? 彼女がどのようになって行くのか今後が楽しみでもあります。

War & Pierce - EP


1、I Don’t Know Where I’m Going
2、Search and Destroy
3、I Lived to Tell About It (feat. It’S All Over Now)
4、It’s All Over Now
5、I'm Through With You
6、Any Day Now

Chris Pierce & Sunny War had a friend in common, musician and producer Jared Faber. Faber thought the two should meet and that they might hit it off….maybe there was some music to be made amongst them.

Pierce, War and Faber got together at Faber’s Silver Lake studio to meet and out of that initial meeting, the first song written and recorded by the three was born entitled “Any Day Now”. They all felt so inspired by the luck of their first encounter that they tried to repeat it…to see if lightning could indeed strike twice. Each time they got together they wrote and recorded what would ultimately become their debut album, the self titled “War & Pierce”.